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Will the Golden State Warriors be better next season?….

ImageLike many nba fans I was extremely impressed with the performance of the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. They were a great team to watch, and I couldn’t help but like them with supremely confident Mark Jackson at the helm. The team have been relatively busy in the offseason so far, with the big addition being former all-star Andre Iguodala. I’m sure that the Warriors taking out the Nuggets in the first round had some influence on Iggy’s decision to not stay in Denver as well.

However despite the new additions to a team that will have set their sights high for next season, I’m not really sure if the moves that they have made will actually make the team better. Carl Landry, and in particular Jarrett Jack, were essential cogs in the Warriors playoff run – both capable of getting tough buckets when Curry and Thompson were either off the floor or not red-hot.

Losing Jack and Landry will be even bigger if the Warriors have any serious injury troubles next season. It is certainly not outside the realm of possibility that Curry and Bogut are injured for large parts of the season. Even if Curry just gets a bit banged up in a game, being able to bring Jack off the bench was huge. If GS need offensive rebounds, there is no energetic Landry to insert into the frontcourt.

Another issue is what happens now to Harrison Barnes? Iguodala is a great two-way player, especially on the defensive end, but he is not someone who is really going to inject any offensive spark. Harrison Barnes had a great season and has absolutely massive potential, making huge plays and hitting important shots. Coach Jackson is going to have to choose between these two players for who is going to start – really it has to be big new signing Iggy, and then Barnes will become the injection of offense from the bench. It’s a big responsability for Barnes and he will have to adapt quickly to his new role. Jackson will need to keep the young forward motivated after a great season……in which he will now be rewarded with a bench role.

The other rookies for the Warriors last season will only improve – I would liked to have seen the core of this team stay together for at least another season. We will have to wait and see, but I’m really not sure that the offseason moves have actually made the team better – if anything, without Jack and Landry coming off the bench,¬†they will be weaker.