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Biggest Free Agent signings this offseason

d12 and cp3With free agent signing underway – and lots of moves becoming official tomorrow – it’s natural to think ahead to how all of these moves will affect teams that have added players. Now I’m sure I can’t be the only one who will soon head to their xbox and update their rosters for NBA 2K13 and then use that to get an idea of what teams may play like next year. Clearly this isn’t always helpful, last years LA Lakers being a very clear example. They had an epic rating on the game, but we all know how they actually played. Who knows what the lakers will be like next season – on 2K14 or in real life for that matter…

The biggest free agents of this summer were clearly D12 and CP3. Paul re-signed with the Clippers, obviously very important for that franchise, but getting Doc Rivers in to coach the team was also an important move. He brings championship experience and should be able to get that team more playoff ready, and hopefully ensure that Chris Paul is not the only player that bothers to show up come the postseason. Exciting as Blake Griffin is to watch I’m hoping that he develops some kind of decent-ish jumpshot during the offseason as well. (Sometimes it is quite horrific to watch him shoot from range, unless you want the Clips to lose) With the personnel they’ve got, and their division being so weak, the Clips will make the playoffs again and probably get 50+ wins. There are so many teams they can go all ‘lob-city’ over and totally dominate offensively…but they have to translate their success into a deep postseason run. Doc can certainly help them do that, but they need Griffin to improve. If he doesn’t show something this season (I mean apart from some epic dunks) the Clippers should look for an upgrade, and playing with CP3 will always be an attraction.

Howard to Houston. Well clearly the Rockets made a pretty impressive pitch, and they really seemed to go all out to get him. Clearly getting Howard in improves a team that finished 8th in the tough Western Conference (and really if they had had a short run at the end of the season they could have finished as high as 6th). It will certainly change their offense and should change their defence too. I look forward to seeing a tough drive from Harden who then drops it off to Dwight for a monster slam. I think Howard will knuckle down and work to win a championship with the Rockets, but we shall have to wait and see. I’d quite like Asik to stay as the back-up too. He was a lot better as a starter than I gave him credit for, and it’ll be a big boost for the young Rockets to be able to bring his D and rebounding off the bench when Howard inevitably gets in foul trouble.